Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ohaiii~ lovely cupcakes ;D

Today I had a great day, starting out with the trying out of my new lenses ♥ !  All I can say is that I am in LOVE with them ♥♥♥ !!! Reviews for those will hopefully come soon ^^

After studying, I went in town to meet with my lovely Wong familly mommy ♥ who treated me to all you can eat japanese food >w< ♥ ALL the yummy FOOOOOODS ♥♥♥

here are some pictures of what we ordered ~ *beware full of yummyness pictures ahead*

Stiiiiiiiiiiitch 8D ♥ !!! Lovely phone cover ~ and our phones having a face to face time >;D

After that I treated her to some Ice cream :3 ~ it was delicious but after the japanese food we were full xD

We then went to get a drink as we didn't feel happy with the fake Ice Tea we got at the restaurant *A* !!!
All in all, this day was really great and I can't wait to meet up again once my exams are over ^^ ~
엄마는 널 사랑해!


  1. lovely blog <3
    the sushi look delicious!
    btw can we follow each other?
    i promise follow you back

  2. aahwww <33 food looks lovely and makes my hungry xD <3

    how about following each other?

    greetz, lenie

  3. Lovely blog, the food looks absolutely delicious! *___* And cute Stitch iphone case, hehe. c:

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