Friday, December 2, 2011

Dolly Eye Blue (Dolly Eye by EOS) Circle Lens REVIEW

(full face picture)

Here here comes my sweet DollyEye blues ^^ ! These lenses were purchased from Pinkyparadise. After a real disappointment with the Geo Angel Blues, I decided I was going to get some nice and opaque blue lenses, and the Dolly Eye were the choice I thought was best after seeing pictures of others wearing them and seeing how the color really showed well with them no matter if it didn’t look all that natural ;3 

 (the super cute animal lens case I got from PinkyParadise)

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Manufacturer: DollyEye
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

 (outside light)
 (inside/bathroom light)

Some IN/OUT pictures to show the size difference:

(in /out)
(in/out inside/bathroom light)
 (in/out - flash)

And now a few pictures to compare them with the GEO CK-105 (GEO CK-105 review)
As you can see on the pictures, the GEO CK-105 look slightly bigger than the DollyEye blues, even though the DollyEye are said to be bigger than 14mm.

 (outside light)
(inside/bathroom light)

Comfort: 7/10
These are not the most comfortable pair of lens I own, they are comfortable don’t get me wrong, but it’s just that they do not “disappear” completely like some of my others. Also, because of the design, the vision sometimes gets a bit blurry / blueish because the iris hole isn’t all that big which cause that ^^. 

Color: 10/10
As blue as you can wish for ;DDD !!! absolutely no complain about the color here xDDD !!! it’s a really nice and opaque blue ! 

Enlargement: 7.5/10
Even though they are said to be 14.2mm, these lenses look bigger than 14mm lenses ! that is because the color doesn’t go as much closer from the border as it should to make them bigger so in the end these are just 14mm lenses on the eye ! and thus not much of an enlargement here ^^ !

Total: 8/10
I really like these lenses !!! me that wanted a really vibrant blue pair of CL’s I’m in heaven with these !!! Only downside apart from them not being the most comfortable, is that up close they do look really fake ^^’’’ … so for people that want natural looking blue lenses I wouldn’t recommend these as they won’t look natural up close, but at least do look really great on pictures and from affar as the color really shows but is still not BANG in your face like many “crazy lenses” ^^ !

A really nice pair of CL that I would definitely recommend for cosplays and for those that really want that opaque blue lens !!!
Take care everyone ♥


  1. now we are twins 8D rin twins 8D wiiiiiiiiii

  2. Are those the ones u were wearing this weekend ? ;O
    Anywayz they're so pretty !! x33

  3. I wish I knew why my EOS Dolly Eye Blue contacts are so much darker than everyone else's. They look so, so dark on my eyes even with flash. Yours look like a beautiful sky blue, which is what I wanted. :(